Responsible Investment


Delivering innovative, robust and scalable solutions that ensure sustainable performance for our customers is the commitment of CPR AM as a responsible financial player. The integration of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria in addition to financial analysis contributes to the promotion of more sustainable development.  

€9.8 billion

outstanding in Responsible Investment

+ 9 000

issuers rated by the Amundi Expertise ESG team on environmental, social and governance criteria


asset manager to propose a solution to fight global warming in partnership with the CDP

Source : CPR AM as of December 31, 2019

Thematic investment and responsible investment have the long-term vision in common, and therefore the sustainable approach.
Thematic management seeks to identify the main structural trends likely to generate long-term growth. Whatever the economic situation, it offers long-lasting and robust investment solutions. In a context of increasingly unpredictable markets, thematic investing is presented as a response to cyclical risks.

Since 2017, all the themes launched have incorporated a responsible approach to combine meaning and performance research.

CPR AM offers a sustainable financial response to the challenges of our century, including the food challenge, education and the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Our philosophy

With the challenges being specific to each theme, we have designed a specific approach based on our philosophy: to seek materiality in the definition of our "investable" universe to create sustainable value.

An ESG approach adapted to each theme

After the construction of the universe according to the investment philosophy of the theme, the sustainable approach defines the "investable" universe.

In order to avoid the compensation effect between the criteria underlying the construction of the global ESG rating, we adopt a two-level approach: exclusion of the worst issuers on both the overall ESG rating and the environmental, social and governance criteria selected for their relevance to the theme.

In addition to Amundi's ESG analysis, the management team analyzes the controversies that identify the companies that are the subject of the worst ESG controversies.


The implementation of impact measures, another part of our responsible investment approach

When available, indicators can be used as decision-making tools in the management of the fund and / or can also provide transparency on the impact of investments.

For example, in managing the fund that seeks to meet the food challenge CPR Invest - Food For Generations, we aim to keep the water and carbon intensity of the portfolio below the levels of the investment universe. We are also tracking the portfolio's waste recycling rate, which we want to maintain at a high level.

In addition to minimizing water and carbon intensities and maintaining the high rate of waste recycling, impact measures should encourage an increasing number of companies to publish such data and report year-on-year improvements.

Sustainable Development Goals

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs ) identified by the United Nations by 2030 provide a unique framework for Responsible Investment. They propose a reference system and common monitoring indicators for the states and companies that can be included in the management of our thematic funds.

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